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Veres Tennis located at Fountains Country Club, Lake Worth, FLorida 33467

Veres Tennis Fitness fundamentals

Veres Tennis Academy Approach

Veres Tennis are firm proponents of the tried and true Long Term Athlete Development Model (LTAD) that is a systematic approach being adopted by all sports (some better than others) to maximize athletic potential and increase the enjoyment of participants and athletes.

LTAD provides a framework for developing physical literacy, fitness and competitive ability, using a stage-by-stage approach. Veres Tennis utilizes a tennis modified version of the general LTAD model, for optimal performance. Brief overview of stages:


  • Learn to Train
  • Train to Train
  • Train to Compete
  • Train to Win

Learn to Train

  • Tennis specific training.
  • Enhance existing and develop new fundamental movement skills.
  • Continue strength development.
  • Continue endurance development.
  • Continue agility (speed) development.
  • Introduce basic flexibility.
  • Develop habits for warm up, relaxation, cool down, stretching, hydration and other sports critical elements.
  • Periodization may be deployed.
  • Competition may begin, however focus is on athletic development over tournament result at ages 8-12

Train to Train

Further develop the ABC, sport specific.

  • Train for sport (Tennis)
  • Develop aerobic base
  • Learn correct weight lifting techniques
  • Further knowledge on sports specific elements such as stretching, nutrition, hydration, competition routines, tactics, etc
  • Special attention to stretching and flexibility, as well as coordination due to rapid growth
  • Competition still dominated by training.
  • Ages 12-16

Train to Compete

  • Approximately ½ the time spent training is devoted to technical and tactical aspects of tennis.
  • Remaining is devoted to competition. Learn to perform and employ tools in competitive environment.
  • ABC individually tailored.
  • Advanced/multiple periodization, ages 16-18.

Train to Win

  • ABC, technical and other ground work complete, focus on maximizing performance.
  • Tennis athletes train to peak during key tournaments/events.
  • Advanced periodization with competitions and high intensity training timed to avoid burn out.
  • Ratio of competition-to-training the highest (still player dependent)
  • Ages 18+